Womb Whispers

Let’s be honest: As a woman or menstruating person in this society, it isn’t exactly easy to grow up with a lot of reverence for your body, nor your cycle. In this spiritual-feminist podcast about menstrual wisdom and activism for our modern times, I share musings, reflections and conversations to make living as a cyclical being (ALL beings are cyclical, by the way!) in a world set up for linear progress more easeful for you. Let yourself be inspired to detox from the systems of oppression you’ve most probably internalised, so you can walk the spirals of your life with more confidence and trust in yourself and your gorgeous body and reclaim the superpower and ancient wisdom already stored in your bones! And no, you don’t need to have a uterus to benefit from this!

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Hi and welcome!

I'm Lisa and I support women to get back in touch with their cycle, release trauma and live their life powerfully from within.

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Whether you still have a menstrual cycle or cycle with the moon (e.g. in post menopause), embodied cyclical living will help you prepare for the bigger and more challenging transitions in life!

Are you taking care of your body or are you having a relationship with her?


Your body is a living, breathing organism, not another "thing" to take care of. But how to build a relationship, when we're often so disconnected from our body we don't know how to listen for what it truly needs?

In our patriarchal-colonialist society, many have learned to see the body as a wild animal that needs to be tamed and behave. A thing to be controlled and forced into a certain shape, usually according to the prevalent standard of beauty and health defined by a small group of people at the top... And if you don't get it to behave the way it's "supposed to", there's something wrong with YOU - which is of course total BS! We're trying to control Nature and that is not only impossible, but moreover, it leaves us completely disconnected from our bodies – these beautiful living, breathing organisms that support us with unconditional love day in and day out! Learn how to connect and communicate with your body through cycle awareness, which for me is a practice of decolonising our body and mind from these imposed structures and of trusting this animal body of ours to be wise in a way that doesn't make sense to our logical brain, but that will make us feel truly ALIVE! Here are the links I mention: How to chart your cycle (even beyond menopause): https://lisa-jara.com/en/cycle-charting Soul Mail: https://lisa-jara.com/en/soul-mail-sign-up If you want bespoke support in your cycle experience: https://lisa-jara.com/en/power-of-your-cycle You can find the links and the transcript of this episode at: https://lisa-jara.com/en/blog/e14-are-you-taking-care-of-your-body-or-are-you-having-a-relationship-with-her

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