Womb Whispers

Let’s be honest: As a woman or menstruating person in this society, it isn’t exactly easy to grow up with a lot of reverence for your body, nor your cycle. In this spiritual-feminist podcast about menstrual wisdom and activism for our modern times, I share musings, reflections and conversations to make living as a cyclical being (ALL beings are cyclical, by the way!) in a world set up for linear progress more easeful for you. Let yourself be inspired to detox from the systems of oppression you’ve most probably internalised, so you can walk the spirals of your life with more confidence and trust in yourself and your gorgeous body and reclaim the superpower and ancient wisdom already stored in your bones! And no, you don’t need to have a uterus to benefit from this!

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Hi and welcome!

I'm Lisa and I support women to get back in touch with their cycle, release trauma and live their life powerfully from within.

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Whether you still have a menstrual cycle or cycle with the moon (e.g. in post menopause), embodied cyclical living will help you prepare for the bigger and more challenging transitions in life!

A Fireside Chat about Pre- & Post-Natal Depression and Postpartum Psychosis


My guest and peer Teresa Hawkes bravely shares her own story of pre- and post-natal depression and postpartum psychosis with us, and how she moved through the darkest period of her life.

It's not uncommon for people who have given birth to experience post-natal depression, sometimes called "baby blues" -- which actually downplays the dramatic effect it can have on one's life. But even if they know the possible signs and symptoms, due to the way our society works, they usually believe THEY are the problem, THEY are being a bad mother or parent and that they should get their act together and cope with it all alone. Let's call BS on that! My guest and peer Teresa Hawkes bravely shares her own story of pre- and post-natal depression and postpartum psychosis with us, and how she moved through the darkest period of her life. Today she encourages people to get the support they need and tries to leave a little sparkle wherever she goes, giving others hope that things CAN get better. About Teresa: Teresa Hawkes is a mother of four boys from Northern Ireland who went through her own journey of pre- and post-natal depression, and postpartum psychosis after having her youngest child. Now she is passionate about empowering and educating folks around all things menstrual cycle and menstrual health. She has completed the Red School Menstruality Leadership Program in 2022, holds a diploma in Mental Health and Wellbeing and a degree in Mother & Toddler Yoga. Get in touch through her Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/moth4b or reach out to her via email at moth4b@hotmail.com. Ressources we mentioned: Support 2gether (charity in Northern Ireland): https://www.facebook.com/s2charity APP-Network (Action on Postpartum Psychosis): https://www.app-network.org And just as a reminder, I also offer support through life crises and challenging transitions like the transition into mother-/parenthood, so if you feel called to get support from me, book a Connection Call: https://lisa-jara.as.me or get in touch via email: lisa@lisa-jara.com! And if you want to start your week with some soul-infused musings that support you in your personal cyclical experience in a world set up for linear progress? Sign up for Moonday Musings: https://lisa-jara.com/en/moonday-musings

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