Womb Whispers

Let’s be honest: As a woman or menstruating person in this society, it isn’t exactly easy to grow up with a lot of reverence for your body, nor your cycle. In this spiritual-feminist podcast about menstrual wisdom and activism for our modern times, I share musings, reflections and conversations to make living as a cyclical being (ALL beings are cyclical, by the way!) in a world set up for linear progress more easeful for you. Let yourself be inspired to detox from the systems of oppression you’ve most probably internalised, so you can walk the spirals of your life with more confidence and trust in yourself and your gorgeous body and reclaim the superpower and ancient wisdom already stored in your bones! And no, you don’t need to have a uterus to benefit from this!

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Hi and welcome!

I'm Lisa and I support women to get back in touch with their cycle, release trauma and live their life powerfully from within.

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Whether you still have a menstrual cycle or cycle with the moon (e.g. in post menopause), embodied cyclical living will help you prepare for the bigger and more challenging transitions in life!

A Fireside Chat about Navigating Challenging Life Transitions


The only permanence in life is change – but some changes are more difficult to navigate than others. Join Corinne & me as we dive into the question of how to navigate the messy middle, so you come out the other side feeling stronger and more resilient.

The only permanence in life is change – but some changes are more difficult to navigate than others. As a confidante through challenging life transitions – the moments of crisis – I’m really excited to have friend and fellow Soul-based Coach Corinne Konrad Calder with me for an open conversation about how to hold yourself when your world is falling apart. Despite having a rather frightening flavour, “crisis” actually means “turning point”, simple as that. A moment of awakening and decision, where you can let go of parts of you that are outdated and decide on a new direction for yourself and your life. But how can you navigate this challenging transition, the messy middle, so you come out the other way feeling stronger and more resilient in a new beginning? That’s exactly what we talked about, so listen in to learn - Corinne's own story of many challenging and not-so-challenging life transitions - Why it's important to allow grief and other intense emotions to be present, including ways to process and release them - The role of a non-judgmental community to feel seen, heard and held in your experience - How creating space for the autumn and winter phase will make a new beginning more easeful - Questions to find out what you really really want in life - Corinne's encouraging message to you Start your week refreshed and grounded and more connected to your body AND stay up-to-date on all my latest events by signing up for Moonday Musings: https://lisa-jara.com/en/moonday-musings Resources we mentioned: Get in touch with Corinne Konrad Calder through her website: https://corinnekonradcalder.com or over on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/corinne.konrad.calder Something we didn't mentioned in the recording, but that came up in the conversation with attendees afterwards: Talking Female Health with Amy & Lisa - Don't be afraid to outgrow your current relationships! https://youtu.be/ewYCqzwrBb8 You can also ask me a question here: https://lisa-jara.com/en/ask-me or send me a voice message: https://www.speakpipe.com/lisajara And if you want to address the deeper layers of menstrual or perimenopausal health issues and feel safe, happy, healthy and (w)holy in your body, book your Complimentary Consultation here: https://lisa-jara.as.me +++++ You can find the links and the transcript of this episode at: https://lisa-jara.com/en/blog/e51-a-fireside-chat-about-navigating-challenging-life-transitions

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