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Let’s be honest: As a woman or menstruating person in this society, it isn’t exactly easy to grow up with a lot of reverence for your body, nor your cycle. In this spiritual-feminist podcast about menstrual wisdom and activism for our modern times, I share musings, reflections and conversations to make living as a cyclical being (ALL beings are cyclical, by the way!) in a world set up for linear progress more easeful for you. Let yourself be inspired to detox from the systems of oppression you’ve most probably internalised, so you can walk the spirals of your life with more confidence and trust in yourself and your gorgeous body and reclaim the superpower and ancient wisdom already stored in your bones! And no, you don’t need to have a uterus to benefit from this!

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Hi and welcome!

I'm Lisa and I support women to get back in touch with their cycle, release trauma and live their life powerfully from within.

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Whether you still have a menstrual cycle or cycle with the moon (e.g. in post menopause), embodied cyclical living will help you prepare for the bigger and more challenging transitions in life!

Decolonizing the Body – with Kelsey Blackwell & Lisa Jara


Learn how you may have internalized systems of oppression and how to recognise and unravel these patterns in yourself and your body, so you feel liberated in your own life AND contribute to living more harmoniously with each other and our environment.

Does this sound familiar? It's hard for you to say No, especially to people you like or want to be liked by. You hardly know what YOU really want (or don't dare wanting it). You get by with the bare minimum and maybe secretly pride yourself in not needing much or not taking up more space. You discount your contribution and the value you bring to the table. You believe there is something wrong with you. All these are patterns many marginalized folks hold in the body, that come from centuries of surviving in systems of dominance and oppression that most of our modern societies are rooted in. Colonization is a complex topic and we certainly won't release its effects in one generation alone. But my guest Kelsey Blackwell and I hope that by pointing out the ways you may have internalised systems of oppression, and showing you how to recognise and unravel these patterns in yourself, you will feel more free and liberated in your own life – undoubtedly contributing to the necessary collective transformation towards living more harmoniously with each other and our environment. Listen in as we specifically dive into - The different lineages influencing Kelsey's body of work - How the colonist mindset lives inside of your body and how to identify it in your patterns of behaviour - The importance of re-establishing a relationship with your body and with the land you live on, wherever that is - Why part of the healing process can only happen in community and why it's important to have black or BIPOC spaces to do this work - Two simple practices to start decolonizing your body Resources we mentioned: Kelsey's book: Decolonizing the Body https://www.kelseyblackwell.com/book A Fireside Chat about Pre- & Post-Natal Depression and Postpartum Psychosis: https://lisa-jara.com/en/blog/e22-a-fireside-chat-about-pre-post-natal-depression-and-postpartum-psychosis Free Tiny Course "Unlock the Healing Power of Your Cycle": https://lisa-jara.com/cyclecharting Kelsey Blackwell, is the author of "Decolonizing the Body: Healing, Body-Centered Practices for Women of Color to Reclaim Confidence, Dignity & Self Worth" and a cultural somatics practitioner. As a facilitator, coach and speaker she has brought abolitionist embodied practices to such diverse groups as riders on Bay Area Rapid Transit trains to students at Stanford University to the offices of LinkedIn. She works 1:1 with clients as well as leads the 8-week group program, Decolonizing the Body. In addition to being impactful, Kelsey believes working towards personal and collective liberation must also bring joy. Get in touch with Kelsey through her website [https://kelseyblackwell.com] and on Substack [kelseyblackwell.substack.com]. Do you want to start your week refreshed and grounded and more connected to your body AND stay up-to-date on all my latest events? Sign up for Moonday Musings: https://lisa-jara.com/en/moonday-musings You can also ask me a question here: https://lisa-jara.com/en/ask-me or send me a voice message: https://www.speakpipe.com/lisajara And if you want to address the deeper layers of menstrual or perimenopausal health issues and feel safe, happy, healthy and (w)holy in your body, book your Complimentary Consultation here: https://lisa-jara.as.me +++++ You can find the links and the transcript of this episode at: https://lisa-jara.com/en/blog/e54-decolonizing-the-body-with-kelsey-blackwell-lisa-jara

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