Womb Whispers

Let’s be honest: As a woman or menstruating person in this society, it isn’t exactly easy to grow up with a lot of reverence for your body, nor your cycle. In this spiritual-feminist podcast about menstrual wisdom and activism for our modern times, I share musings, reflections and conversations to make living as a cyclical being (ALL beings are cyclical, by the way!) in a world set up for linear progress more easeful for you. Let yourself be inspired to detox from the systems of oppression you’ve most probably internalised, so you can walk the spirals of your life with more confidence and trust in yourself and your gorgeous body and reclaim the superpower and ancient wisdom already stored in your bones! And no, you don’t need to have a uterus to benefit from this!

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Hi and welcome!

I'm Lisa and I support women to get back in touch with their cycle, release trauma and live their life powerfully from within.

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Whether you still have a menstrual cycle or cycle with the moon (e.g. in post menopause), embodied cyclical living will help you prepare for the bigger and more challenging transitions in life!

Menstrual Art & Period Painting


Join Camilla Lovegrove and Lisa Jara for a conversation about cycle awareness, pleasure and menstrual art as a portal to reclaiming personal power and self-sovereignty – welcoming the disgust, intrigue and intimacy that may come with this practice.

As you may have guessed, menstrual art – or period painting – means using your menstrual blood to make art, for example on paper, or by adorning yourself with it. Even though the idea makes my stomach queasy, I like to challenge myself to have these important conversations. And while there's both intrigue and disgust inside of me, I'm also wondering if menstrual art could become a portal into a deeper, even more intimate connection with myself, with my womb. Because if I myself am whole and holy, why wouldn’t my menstrual blood be as well? That’s why today, my guest Camilla and I talk about menstrual art and reclaiming the disgust, the connection and the pleasure that may come with this intimate practice. Join us as we dive into: - My personal hesitations regarding menstrual art - How we can develop compassion for ourselves as we sit with different, maybe even conflicting emotions around taboo topics - What happened when Camilla first offered her blood back to the Earth - Whether or not it's a smelly process, and the role of the olfactory sense for our human existence - Ideas how you can dip your toes into menstrual art at any age and any stage of life (yes, even post menopause) and reclaim it as a practice of intimacy and connection to your own inner power It's never too late to heal the relationship with yourself, with your body, with your cycle, with your blood! Camilla and I would love to know: What comes up for you when you think of using your menstrual blood to make art – or even adorn yourself? What is (or was, if you’re post-menopausal) your relationship with your menstrual blood like? What has stood out for you from what we’ve been sharing? Send me a mail (lisa@lisa-jara.com) or leave me a voice message here (https://www.speakpipe.com/lisajara)! Resources we mentioned: Aurora from "Pelvic Priestess" Website: www.pelvicpriestess.co.uk The Rite of the Womb: https://lisa-jara.com/en/blog/e32-the-rite-of-the-womb Book a Free Discovery Call with Lisa, if you want to take your Womb Health into your own hands and have a happy, healthy period or happy, healthy (peri)menopause experience: https://tidycal.com/lisajara/discovery-call About Camilla: Camilla is a Love, Sex and Relationship Coach and Menstrual Cycle Mentor. Her deepest prayer is for all women and cyclical beings to come into connection with their bodies, through reverence, ritual and remembrance that they're whole, perfect and divine. Camilla works 1:1 with clients, supporting them to come into radical self-acceptance and love for their body through menstrual cycle awareness, and embracing pleasure as a vital resource for feeling truly alive and free in our bodies. As we heal and come into connection without ourselves we connect back to Mother Earth and remember that we're not separate. Connect with Camilla through her website www.camillalovegrove.com or on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecamillalovegrove Do you want to start your week with some soul-infused musings that support you in your personal cyclical experience in a world set up for linear progress? Sign up for Moonday Musings: https://lisa-jara.com/en/moonday-musings

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